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EufyCam Users Hit With Severe Privacy Breaches

In a troubling development, users of Anker’s EufyCam have been reporting they are able to gain access to strangers’ camera feeds.

Across numerous community forums, users claim they are suddenly being logged into random accounts, letting them watch a live feed, as well as access the stranger’s administration settings and cloud storage. It goes without saying that this is a major security breach.

The company acknowledged the breach (kinda) on their own community forums, writing:

Dear eufy Security Users:

A software bug occurred during our latest server upgrade at 4:50 AM EST today. Our engineering team recognised this issue at around 5:30 AM EST, and quickly got it fixed by 6:30AM EST.

We recommend that all users:

1. Please unplug and then reconnect the device.

2. Log out of the eufy security app and log in again.

The company has not acknowledged anything else about the breach, such as strangers being able to virtually creep around their houses, or access their settings.

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