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Chinese Smartphone Sales Sink – Except 5G

SHANGHAI: Global smartphone market analyst Canalys says China’s smartphone market slumped 15 percent in Q3.

IDC has revealed similar findings, with its calculations estimating a 14.3 percent year-on-year fall in China handset shipments. Both outfits agree that one reason for the dip is that US sanctions on Huawei have started to bite.

“The escalated US trade restrictions in August ultimately impeded Huawei’s momentum in its home market,” said IDC analyst Will Wong.

He said Huawei has cautiously managed its shipments across its product line-ups and lowered production of some popular models, like the Mate 30 series.

Canalys analyst Mo Jia also rounded on Huawei as the main cause of the Q3 shortfall. Both firms believe there’ll be a turnaround in Q4 with IDC estimating shipments will rise to 84.8 million, while Canalys estimates 83 million.

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