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Samsung Releasing Foldable Phone and Galaxy S10 Early 2019

The heavily rumoured Samsung foldable phone is tipped to be unveiled at next year’s CES in January with the Galaxy S10 also reportedly being showcased at MWC in February.

According to known leaker Ice Universe, Samsung is calling the foldable phone the Galaxy X, a common moniker in the high-end smartphone community.

News of Samsung producing a foldable phone has been around for nearly a year with it first being reported on in October. The phone is tipped to fold inwards to replicate a modern day flip phone made of all screens.

Commentators find it odd that Samsung would choose to reveal two major devices so close together but it could be because the Galaxy X will only have a run of 300,000- 500,000 units.

A leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy S10

Ice Universe also leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy S10 showing a large screen with no bezels and all display front screen which could house an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled on August 9 at a Galaxy Unpacked event.

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