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Huawei Open To Independent 5G Security Tests

Huawei has affirmed it’s open to independent security tests for 5G equipment, as the Chinese company continues to reject allegations its products pose national security risks.

Exclusively speaking to The Australian, Huawei Director, Chen Lifang, believes it’s unlikely the company will be banned from the local 5G build, or its customers Vodafone and Optus.

Lifang claims she’s met several federal officials this week, and Huawei is in no rush for the government’s final decision.

Alongside the remarks of Chairman John Lord last week, Ms Lifang asserts Huawei Australia is open to independent testing, to assess “any speculation and concern” about the security of its 5G equipment.

Chairman Lord has also offered to establish an independent testing unit for Huawei equipment, similar to operations it has in Britain and Canada.

Huawei is reportedly “very open” and “flexible” to other independent testing ideas suggested by the Australia government or local customers.

“The chairman has offered to have testing centres in Australia, but there are also other approaches which are a bit like having a video referee in our line of work,” Lifang asserts.

Lifang points to Huawei’s existing 4G networks across Europe, which claim to deliver twice the speeds of the US, for half the price.

Concerning allegations Huawei has links to the Chinese government, Lifang’s remarks mirror those of Chairman Lord’s National Press Club address.

“We have exactly the same relationship with the Chinese government other companies have with their government,” she states.

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