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Samsung Galaxy S30 may have iPhone-level Face ID technology

The new Samsung Galaxy S30 is already slated to trounce the iPhone in camera quality and battery life, but it is also rumoured to lead the market in facial recognition technology.

Apple’s Face ID technology is renowned in the industry for having the most secure system, however Samsung is seemingly looking to leapfrog the iPhone 11 and upcoming iPhone 12 after filing for a new facial recognition technology, a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor called ISOCELL Vizion.

ToF sensors can measure the depth and distance of objects, which is used to improve augmented reality and facial recognition in smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus already uses a ToF sensor, made by Sony, and they are not as sophisticated as the technology used by Apple.

The new Samsung ISOCELL image sensors are not Sony-made and are instead Korean manufactured.

There is no confirmation yet if the S30 will be equipped with the new ISOCELL image sensor Samsung recently filed a patent for, however the timing for the potential release in early 2021 is certainly interesting.

It is likely the S30 will be released to the market in February 2021, following a pattern of February releases for Samsung. The coronavirus has affected shipping worldwide, so these dates are subject to change.

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