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Fetchtv Now: Internode Unleash IPTV Via NBN

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Internode became the first provider to deliver fetchtv IPTV service over the NBN today, meaning video on demand content like new-release movies like ‘Hall Pass’ and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, 30 free ‘library’ movies monthly, TV shows like ‘Two and A Half Men’ and sports channels including Man City and Chelsea TV, as well as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter access, are all yours.    

Plus, fetchtv in full is now offering special packages boasting content from India, Pakistan, China, Singapore and even South Korea.

On-demand channel  like BBC World, Setanta, MTV, National Geographic and Bloomberg are also on the Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) service.  
 The exciting content was demoed in action at a house in the Sydney suburb of Bunya earlier today as was Chelsea FC club channel, and international content like high-definition Luxe TV, the ‘Hindi Pack’ and ‘The Great Wall TV Pack.’ 
 Although the service is not scheduled for release on the NBN until mid-2012, Internode has leapfrogged the network and  is offering the service now to customers. 
“Rather than wait for the NBN to deliver multicast, we have worked out how to use existing technology to deliver high-quality video-on-demand using fetchtv over the NBN,” said Jim Kellett, Internode product manager. 
The Adelaide based ISP already offers fetchtv Lite, via digital PVR set top box, but customers on fast connection can upgrade to the ‘full’ service via the NBN (in test areas) or DSLAM port. 
Fetchtv in full , which will be released over the NBN when it reaches “commercial” status later this year.
It completes the triple play of data, voice and video,” Kellett declared.