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Optus ‘Yes’ Revamp: The Inside Oomph

Optus ‘Yes’ Revamp: The Inside Oomph
The telco announced a major makeover for its retail stores yesterday promising instore tech “gurus”, more clued in staff and ‘Interactive hubs’ where goodies like FetchTV and tablets will be demoed.

The revamped stores promise to give customers a “brilliant experience” the minute they step through the door.

100 existing Optus ‘Yes’ stores are to get the oomph and 33 brand new ‘Yes’ stores to be rolled out, but an Optus spokesperson was unable to name exact locations when quizzed by Channel News.

So what will these Optus instore ‘hubs’ look like anyway?

The interactive hubs include a mobile environment kitted out with smartphones and tablets; home area with Optus TV with Fetch; home phones and business area with hardware aimed at SMEs.

“The hubs demo products, help customers choose the products like the right operating system, and show them tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their products like use their mobile as a remote for their Fetch TV,” the spokesperson told Channel News.

Optus did say it will be running the devices on 3G and its new LTE 4G high speed network but a spokesperson could not confirm if the stores will be kitted out with Wi-Fi or not, which is being installed in a number of well known retailers, of late.