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Rega Launches New Kyte Bookshelf Speakers

Rega has launched new bookshelf speakers built and designed in the UK.

The new Rega Kyte speakers feature a phenolic resin cabinet with ceramic base plates and an internal cross brace construction, which the manufacturer says delivers high quality sound at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood cabinets.

“Featuring our Rega designed ZRR (Zero Rear Reflection) technology high frequency unit and our handmade Rega MX-125 Bass mid driver makes this the perfect voice for all Rega products,” the manufacturer said.

According to Rega, the new Kytes were made possible by a “massive investment” into injection moulding of stiff thermoset phenolic resin, working together with another British company.

“Injection moulded plastic loudspeaker cabinets are not new but flexible moulded plastic has been reserved for the PA world or small desktop loudspeakers where convenience and portability were a priority over sonic performance.

“This more recent domestic acceptance of non-wood functional cabinet shapes has allowed Rega to achieve a long term dream,” said Rega.

The new speakers retail for £499 (approximately $999 AUD) a pair. Official Australian pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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