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Razor Comes Of Age With Two-Seater Sit Down E-Scooter

Razor is aiming for the adult market with its new EcoSmart Cargo e-scooter, a sit-down model with convertible rack that can hold a grocery basket or be used as a second seat.

Razor is aiming to move away from its traditional home at skateparks and suburban walkways and towards the fast-growing compact e-scooter market, a sector that raked in A$920 million during the last financial year.

“The electric scooter market has experienced double-digit growth over the past few years, which means that there is a more diverse group of riders looking for a variety of options to accommodate their different needs,” said Josh Shave, Razor’s senior director of brand marketing.

“The EcoSmart cargo was meant to be a stylish, highly versatile electric scooter option that can be utilized in a number of ways, making it easier than ever for scooter users to get from point A to point B, even with extra cargo or an additional passenger.”

The scooter sports a 1000-watt motor and can reach speeds of 32km/hour, with a battery range of 26.7km. The 16-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres are designed to be sturdy and smooth, while an onboard display shows a speedometer and battery life.

“With the launch of the EcoSmart Cargo, we set out to design the most versatile and powerful addition to our adult electric scooter line up to date,” said Ian Desberg, VP of design and development at Razor.

“This stylish, seated electric scooter featuring plenty of versatility, storage and a high-torque, powerful motor caters to the diverse needs of adult electric scooter users.”

No Australian release information is available as yet, but it is expected to retail for between $1,600 and $1,700 based on the US pricing.

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