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E-Scooter Fight Intensifies As Uber & Neuron Mobility Battle For Space

The fight for Australia’s e-scooter and e-bike rental market is intensifying.

But Singapore-based global startup, Neuron Mobility, believes the company with the most favour from councils and regulators will win the match.

‘Having more players in the market is a great thing for the industry… but we went with quite a regulated approach. We look at city councils and say “Hey, we want to be part of the city.” We see them as partners,’ Co-founder of Neuron Mobility Zachary Wang told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Neuron Mobility founders Zachary Wang and Harry Yu

But the expansion plans come at a time when the use of e-scooters across the country is limited by law – the vehicles can only be ridden on private property in New South Wales and in Victoria, e-scooters have a speed limit of 10km per hour on roads, for example.

If you’re caught riding an e-scooter in the street, you can get slapped with an $800 fine.

Australia’s scooter and bike rental market has been fickle, seeing operators quit the local market over recent years and abandon bikes that later appeared abandoned in trees and rivers.

Neuron Mobility E-Scooter

Neuron Mobility is looking to expand its e-scooters across the country, having already launched in Brisbane as well as international locations – such as Auckland, Singapore and Bangkok.

But it comes at the same time as global delivery giant, Uber, is also in the works to bring their own e-bike rentals to local markets.

Wang said that while competition in the market is heating up, they are certain they can take on Uber with smart and strategic e-scooter placement in cities, as well as through building close connections with councils.

‘We feel even for a slightly newer brand, as long as we have the scooter at the right time in the right place we can [do this],’ he told the publication.

‘The only way you can do it is to fully partner with cities.’

In fact, the growth of Neuron Mobility in Australia is a result of building relationships with regulators – it was able to roll out in Brisbane after winning a tender to be a provider in the city.

The company charges just 38 cents per minute to rent a scooter – with an additional $1 fee. It also offers $89 per month passes which allows for individual trips lasting 90 minutes.

Neuron Mobility believes it will generate tens of millions in revenue through its operations in Australia.

‘Electric mobility is going to be a clear winner in the short distance mobility space,’ Wang told KrASIA.

‘We believe that in the next five years, e-mobility services are going to be ubiquitous in all major cities around the world.’

(AAP Image/Joel Carrett)



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