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Control the Power In Your Home

Control the Power In Your Home

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According to the company, the PowerPlay range is able to solve system/device freezing issues within seconds, connects to the Internet with zero setup (for the IPC9000), offers instant access to all connected devices with a simple mouse click, clean and safe AC power to all connected devices, and even allows a user to power down an entire rack of equipment when not in use.

Qualifi has announced that the following PowerPlay products will be available in Australia: AV5000: 10-Zone, 10 Power Port AV Power Centre with local IP/RS232 control – $1,499; IPC9000: 10-Zone AV Power Centre with full Web access – $2,499; UPS1500: UPS with 1500va Battery back-up – $1,499

The AV5000 offers: Surge Protection – Power, Coax, Phone, Ethernet; Fully Isolated Power Conditioning; Ability to control 3 or 10 outlets via RS232 or TCP/IP; Matching Intelligent UPS with IR learning; and includes rack mount ears

The IPC9000 offers: Complete Power Control via the Internet; Automatically reboot network devices, router modem etc. if connection is lost; Control via phone line as fail safe backup; Touch sensitive power toggles on/off from front panel, can be disabled (IP9000 only); Live status monitoring as well as 365 day recorded of THD, Volts, Watts & Temp; Text and e-mail notifications of pre determined events, loss of web connection & Power outages; Control 3 or 10 power ports from any web enabled device, iPhone, notebook, etc; Locally controllable via RS232 & TCP/IP from a 3rd party control system; Surge Protection – Power, Coax, Phone, Ethernet; Isolated Power Conditioning; and includes rack mount ears

Finally, the UPS1500 offers: 1500Va; PowerPlay compatibility; Intelligent UPS; Hot swappable batteries; Instant switchover; and reports when batteries need replacement.