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New No Wires Elan Lighting Control System

The new technology will allow electricians to install the system into homes that don’t have a network of Ethernet cables.

The plug and play device uses PulseWorx Gen II Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) to control signals over a  home’s electrical wiring system for fast installation.

 Bob Farinelli, President and Chief Technological Officer at Elan said that their new Elan lighting system  is easy to install, meets both retrofit and new construction installations, and is modular so homeowners are never locked into a fixed, expensive, household wiring system. The new offering is also upgradeable at any time because the system overlays existing wiring.

Standard light switches are replaced with the system’s UPB-enabled smart switches that inject addressable control signals over the home’s electrical system to control any electrical device on the system. Out-of-the-box the system will control any connected load, lighting scenes and dimming functions.

That level of control includes basic on/off functions as well as more advanced lighting effects such as time-keyed highlights, fades, incremental light changes and nightlight pathways. The system also adds advanced scheduling and remote access features when paired with the company’s current HomeLogic line and future “g!” IP-based controllers.

All devices on the system have unique addresses that provide the capability and bandwidth required to handle large projects and MDU applications.

“As a stand-alone system, Elan Lighting empowers Dealers and homeowners alike,” said Mr. Farinelli. “Dealers have a very attractive new selling category with a low entry level cost, high levels of user satisfaction and unlimited expansion. Homeowners have immediate lighting control for security, convenience and effortless energy conservation without the cost of a major, whole house installation. Even at entry-level, a single button-press at a bedside keypad makes it easy to ensure all the lights on the system are turned off at night, while smart dimming reduces energy consumption and increases bulb life. Plus, when combined with our new IP-based g! system, Elan Lighting can be controlled remotely — even from your iPhone.”

The new Elan Lighting features a complete line of products to suit a variety of installations such as:

Keypad Controllers
Combination Keypad Dimmers
Powerline Interface Modules (PIMs)
Control Modules
Active Split Phase Repeaters (SPRs).
These all feature the PulseWorx Gen II Universal Powerline Bus technology allowing them to communicate over a home’s existing electrical wiring.

The Keypad Controllers allow control of single or multiple lights with one button. Each button can be easily programmed to trigger a different scene, control specific lights or all lights in the system turning on and off almost instantly or ramping up or down over as much as an hour. Programming is as easy as tapping a button. The Dimmers replace existing switches in the home with complete direct or remote load control as either a switch or dimmer. The brilliant, combination Keypad Dimmer brings both functions together for use in a single gang box for ease of use and fast installations.

The Powerline Interface Modules (PIMs) are serial controllers that connect to either COM or USB ports, and the Control Modules allow remote control of one or more plug-in lamps and appliances. The SPR provides a path for a signal in one leg of a split-phase 220 volt residential system to be repeated on to the second leg in phase at full strength.

Although components can be ordered as needed, ELAN Lighting is available in quick-start four and six zone lighting kits. The keypads and wall switches are pre-programmed with seven basic scenes. Spending less time on programming will allow Dealers to finish installs quickly. Changing the existing scenes is as simple as activating the scene, changing the lighting levels at the wall switches and tapping the scene button on the keypad.

The keypads can also receive IR commands to extend control to any learning remote, and are available in seven colors. Also included in these kits are a Passive Phase Coupler and in the Four-Zone Kit a Powerline Interface Module.