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New Control4 Gears Cuts Out Dealer Support

New Control4 Gears Cuts Out Dealer Support

The upgraded HC-800 and HC-250 controllers are shipping in the USA for $1,500 and $750, respectively, Australian prices are tipped to be significantly higher.

The new Control4 OS 2.4 allows consumers to access their Control4 home automation system from their smartphone via a smartphone and over a Wi Fi network.

 To control the system via a smartphone a user has to download the iOS MyHome app, which is available, or an Android MyHome app, due at the end of April. Consumers also have to subscribe to the Control4 4Sight Service for $100/year.

The unit also streams the Tune In Internet radio service through the HC-800 and HC-250 controllers, delivering more than 70,000 streaming Internet radio stations and has a supporting remote recharging station, which can be used with existing SR-150 and SR-250 remotes retrofitted with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and a replacement battery cover that includes charging pins.

For installers, OS 2.4 enables easier remote connections to a customer’s home system for troubleshooting or for making system changes without going to the home.

The HC-800 and HC-250 controllers include the new OS and add in-home intercom capability.