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Is This The Smartest Phone Ever?

Uniden’s new XDECT 81xx Series smart cordless phone let you sync numbers with your mobile, dial and receive mobile calls – on High Definition (HD) sound phone.  

It can take up to four mobiles, and users can sync up to 6000 contact details to XDECT 81xx phonebook. 
It has 10 hour talk time and has cute features like do not disturb and 30 minute recording time on its answering machine.  
Uniden’s new cordless smart homephones has Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port and Blackout Power to make and receive calls even during a power outage. 

The uniden cordless is good for large properties, its Extended Long Range technology delivers up to eight times the talking range through incorporating powerful additional repeaters and a high gain antenna. 
Features of the XDECT 81xx Series include: 
–        Wi-Fi friendly – will not interfere with any other frequencies in the house 
–        TTS Technology – caller announce caller ID from the base (Caller ID and POP ID features  work if users subscribe to  provided by your telco). 
–        Up to 10 days standby time and 10 hours talk time
 –        Room monitor / audio baby monitor


XDECT 8155 + 2 RRP $199.95 (includes repeater and three cordless handsets) 

XDECT 8155 + 1 RRP $159.95 (includes repeater and two cordless handsets) 

XDECT 8115 + 1 RRP $109.95 (two cordless handsets) 

XDECT 8115 RRP $69.95 (one cordless handset) Optional handset RRP $59.95