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Re-Start: Windows 8.1 Breaks In ‘Oct 18’

Overnight, Microsoft announced its Windows 8 saviour, Windows 8.1, will rollout October 17th in Australia – a year after 8 was first unveiled, to the horror of Microsoft users everywhere. 

8.1 will roll out as a free update for Windows 8 via the Windows Store, it announced on a blog. 
It runs Internet Explorer 11 and promises new apps, better cloud connectivity and search. 
Windows 8.1 will also hit stores and on new Microsoft-based computers, tablets from October 18th.  
Microsoft was under pressure to update touch based OS after widespread horror and confusion at the absence of familiar Windows interface – including no start button and based on floating tiles. 

Windows blogger, Brandon LeBlanc merrily listed the “many improvements” 8.1 will bring:  
“Windows 8.1 brings many improvements in areas like personalization, Internet Explorer 11, search which is powered by Bing, built-in apps including a few new ones, an improved Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity with SkyDrive (and much more) that people will enjoy. “
For those that are unsure Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Preview and 8.1 Enterprise Preview for business users, to test the platform. 
LeBlanc also made a plug for Windows devices, which analysts say are struggling to compete against Android and Apple devices, and have a minority share of the PC market. 

“Now is a great time to buy a Windows 8 device in a range of different form factors like Microsoft Surface, the Acer Iconia W3, the Lenovo Yoga 11s, the Toshiba KIRAbook or the Dell XPS 18. “