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Hello Fibre: NBN Test Phone Service

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Moving phone service to NBN should soon be a reality.

NBN Co selected Primus to test new software designed to make it easier for telcos to offer “traditional” analogue phone services via fibre network.

Successful tests will give consumers “confidence” they can migrate from the copper network to fibre and still have adequate telephone service using existing equipment, NBN Co said today.

The software should be available in Q3 to all telcos, if testing goes well a NBN spokesperson told SmartHouse, and will make migration over to fibre far easier.

Since the launch of service on National Broadband Network, telcos have the option of providing phone service using an existing analogue device, or over the broadband connection, which requires (end user) new equipment.

However, it “should” be possible to maintain the same phone number regardless of which service users opt for, say NBN Co.

“We understand that there will be a number of people who only want a telephone service and that we need to offer quality telephone services while making the transition to fibre as easy and straightforward as possible, says NBN Co Chief Operating Officer, Ralph Steffens.

“By undertaking these tests we want to ensure it is easy for retail service providers to offer their customers the services they are familiar with using the equipment they already have.”

The NBN Co also said it is working with service providers to give them the products and services they need to offer a “whole array of new plans, higher speeds and innovative applications.”

It is also supporting the growth of a diverse range of services to consumers and businesses ranging from traditional telephone to more complex bundles of telephone, broadband and video.

NBN Co selected Primus after a call for expressions of interest from several service providers.

Internationally owned Primus has a wealth of experience in the development and provision of telephone services, say NBN Co in a statement.

Primus CEO Tom Mazerski said: “We believe this program will enable us to offer a quality voice product to all NBN consumer and business fibre customers.

“Our vision, working with NBN Co, is to ensure that our customers get a quality voice connection whilst transitioning from copper to fibre.”

The test is due to run for four weeks.