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Optus Inks Cyber Networking Deal

SYDNEY: Optus is linking with cybersecurity company Fortinet to offer secure, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) to its enterprise and government customers.

Optus Managed Fortinet SD-WAN combines Optus’s managed services with Fortinet’s security-driven networking approach to SD-WAN.

It will also leverage Optus’ underlying fixed and mobile networks to provide more resiliency and to enable accelerated deployment of new sites.

Says Deon Liebenberg, Optus Business veep of product innovation: “We know that as more people work from home and enterprises rely on off-premise tech touch points, the cybersecurity risks go up.

“Together, Optus and Fortinet address this and other cyber threats with a secure SD-WAN that provides our customers with a cost-cutting, time-saving solution.”

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