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Optus Sidekick Offers “Peace Of Mind” When Out And About

Optus has launched a new safety feature, Optus Sidekick, which will allow users to let trusted contacts know to check up on them.

The feature, accessible via the Sidekick tile in the My Optus app, lets users specify three contacts and set a timer for when they will check in; if they have not checked in by that time, the app will text these contacts to suggest they get in touch with the user.

According to Kate Brodie, Optus’ Director, Digital AI, Sidekick is a “passion project” to give customers peace of mind.

“Optus Sidekick can help you prearrange a time when Optus will let the people you care about know you want them to check in on you, and only gets in touch if that time arises.

“We have also discovered that it’s not just women who may want to use Optus Sidekick, but also kids walking home from school, people out for a late-night walk, and even an elderly neighbour who walks to the store alone,” she said.

Sidekick is part of Optus’ Living Network ecosystem, which also includes features such as Unlimited Data Day, Wi-Fi Secure, and Game Path.

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