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NSW Coppers Embrace Cloud Tech To Speed Investigation

The NSW Police Force is banking on Azure cloud technology to support the recent introduction of cognitive services, including ethical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to its Insights policing platform.

According to a Microsoft report, the rollout of its Azure technology is providing front-line police officers with faster access to critical information for investigation. The new system was turned on in February this year, following exhaustive testing.

It is now said to interpret petabytes of CCTV footage automatically, providing ultra-rapid access to leads that can help officers solve crime faster.

The system is also said to be expediting voice-to-text transcription of the coppers’ interviews with suspects and informants.

Says Gordon Dunsford, executive director of digital technology and innovation for NSW Police: “Using computer vision, it can search to recognise objects, vehicles, locations, even a backpack someone has on their back or a tie a gentleman is wearing.

“It’s been used in a number of investigations already – and it’s gone extremely well.”

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