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Nike Patents Augmented Reality Glasses For Golf

Nike is helping fellow golfers by patenting a set of AR glasses they would wear giving real time analysis when out on the golf course including tracking the speed of the ball, how far the ball is carried and how long it is in the air.

The technology is the first of its kind and could help those struggling with their handicaps. The patent was submitted to WIPO and published last week. The patent is calling the headset an ‘electronic tracking system with heads up display’.

The system also includes a ball with a built in tracker. The information will appear on the glasses with a clear vision area dynamically displaying images within view.


Chart describing process of AR headset.

The patent shows a tracked ball at a display connected to the glasses themselves.

Lets Go Digital says, “There is processor, which communicates with the ball tracking component and heads up display, is programmed to detect movement of the game ball. It determines launch and flight characteristics of the moving ball. The smart eyewear displays the launch and flight characteristics contemporaneous with an object indication of the moving game ball, as the ball is visible through the transparent display area of the screen.”

The patent can be viewed here.

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