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New Half-Life: Alyx Footage Is Virtual Reality At Its Best

Valve has issued three new gameplay videos of upcoming VR game Half-Life: Alyx, and they all look pretty special.

Half-Life: Alyx is the first new Half-Life game since 2007. It’s set to launch on Steam on March 23 and can only be played via a compatible virtual reality headset. Valve’s own Index VR headset is currently out of stock.

The trio of gameplay videos show off plenty of impressive physics-based interactions. In the first video, a highlight has the player trapped by a barred door. However, they are able to reach through the door’s broken window, grab the bar that was jamming the door on the other side, then turn around and hurl the bar at the enemy who had pursued them into the dead-end.

The second video depicts a hacking mini-game that appears a cut above the usual sliding block puzzles that games typically employ to portray computer hacking. And the third video is more action-based with a lot of shooting and ducking behind makeshift cover.


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