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NBN Co Plans New Sky Muster Service For Outback Business

NBN Co is planning to spread its Sky Muster satellite service – currently largely restricted to the outback consumer market – to the business sector, along with oil, mining and gas outposts.

From next year, a new offering, dubbed the NBN Business Satellite Service, will be offered to business users in areas where coverage may have been limited or non-existent and where there is no option of a fixed-line service, NBN Co says.

This will be made possible through under-utilised spectrum from the Sky Muster satellite service.

There will be two wholesale category offerings for phone and Internet providers: bandwidth services and broadband Internet.

According to a blog post, the bandwidth services are aimed at businesses with complex networking requirements along with wide-area network connections to multiple locations.

The broadband Internet service is said to be designed for businesses requiring more broadband data, higher speeds and business-grade service levels.

The new Sky Muster services will be launched in the first half of 2019. They will be offered to farmers as well as business users.

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