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NBN Co Hires New Team In Bid To Fix Sky Muster Debacle

NBN Co will expand its team of engineers and architects overseeing the troubled Sky Muster satellite service. Initially reports say it plans to hire around 10 new engineers and “solution architects” to tackle ongoing performance issues.

The move comes three weeks after NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow revealed there had been an “exorbitant” rate of failures by the satellite service and forecast that it might take up to a year to get it fixed.

Many users have complained of poor or very slow service  and in some cases many others have experienced a total inability to connect.

Most of the problems are thought to stem from software bugs, suggesting there may have been insufficient pre-testing of the software before launch of the satellites.

Solving the problems has become more urgent with Qantas signing on to use Sky Muster for its forthcoming new inflight Wi-Fi service.

Among other things members of the incoming team will be asked to “reduce the number of incidences exceeding threshold by active monitoring and management of network capacity against KPI threshold for systems”.

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