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MyNetFone’s Virtual Mobile Number Service Blocked

MyNetFone’s Virtual Mobile Number Service Blocked

VoIP service provider MyNetFone is keen to launch a virtual mobile number service, but claims it is being blocked by one of the mobile network operators refusing to enter into a commercial arrangement to enable the service to operate.

MyNetFone CEO Rene Sugo, used this week’s Tech Leaders forum gathering of IT journalists in the NSW Blue Mountains to put pressure on Comms Minister Mitch Fifield to issue a ministerial determination that would require the offending operator to enter into a commercial relationship with MyNetFone, thereby enabling the Sugo team to provide the service.

The proposed service would enable consumers to advertise multiple mobile numbers for specific purposes, where they might not want to disclose their real mobile number. They could receive voice calls and text messages to the virtual number via a MyNetFone app loaded onto their smartphone.

Sugo said the service could be useful for people advertising goods for sale online, dating-site users or simply people wanting to separate a work mobile number from their personal mobile number.

“Virtual mobile numbers are already successfully helping people in the US, UK, France, Germany and many other leading economies,” he said. “In those countries if a person has one of these ‘virtual’ numbers compromised, it is easy to discard it and set up an alternative.”

He said MyNetFone had been trying to get the service up and running for three years without success. He has written to Fifield seeking a “ministerial determination”, but so far has received no response. – Stuart Corner

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