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$7 JB Hi Fi Music NOW To Beat iTunes?

$7 JB Hi Fi Music NOW To Beat iTunes?

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The streaming service supports Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry OS (early 2012) and Mac, PC this year.

How much? The price is said to be fiercely competitive starting at $6.67 a month for endless tracks – there is no limits on the number of songs streamed.

That’s around $90 a year for unlimited music, which is an incredible price considering iTunes charges A$1.69 up to $2.19 per song and around $16.99 – $21.99 per album. Ouch.

JB Hi Fi Now music service, said to to be released before Christmas, was revealed at SmartHouse 2012 Smart Awards on Wednedsay night, allowing users to get instant access to a host of music including Dance, Jazz, Rock, Pop, artist data and also helps identifying similar artists.

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Based on the Rovi Music system that contains a music database covering 3 million popular and classical album releases and 28 million music tracks, Now goes beyond basic music descriptions to include such as artist biographies, reviews.

The clever streaming service runs from the cloud and even lets you mix tunes for hours of fun.

You can also select music based on age to discover new tracks your peers are listening to and best of all can be streamed across multiple devices – just click into your account and away you go.

It features a funky, yellow tile-grid interface that visually categorises songs according to genre, artist and sub categories galore.

Although a cloud streaming service, it’s capable of background WiFi caching for music playback when beyond the reach of the web.

And unlike other music services it doesn’t just just rip off the look and feel of Apple’s iTunes. 

The digital music can be replayed across multiple platforms and music devices. And JB believes its “superior” service will drive traffic into its stores as demand for streamed music rockets.

“This is a superior product to a lot of other music services that are out there and we are confident that it will appeal to Australians who want access to great music on multiple devices,” says Scott Browning, Marketing Director at JB Hi Fi.