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Face Fight! Mark Zuckerberg V Sean Parker Boozy Punch Up

Face Fight! Mark Zuckerberg V Sean Parker Boozy Punch Up

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Mark Zuckerberg, Snoop Dogg and Sean Parker pictured, last month.

No, its not a scene out of The Social Network II – it occurred earlier this month after the social networking duo got into a public brawl outside a Hollywood night spot over Facebook’s involvement with music streaming service Spotify.

The scrap followed the launch of the Spotify/Facebook partnership at West Hollywood nightclub. Parker has shares in the Euro streaming giant.

The music and social partnerships, announced last month at Facebook F8 conference, also include Berkeley-based MOG and San Francisco-based Rdio as digital music sales slump.

The integration of Spotify and Facebook “is very similar to what I dreamed of 10 years ago” Parker declared at the lavish party Facebook’s f8 party last month, where pigs roasted on a double-decker spit, and The Killers and Snoop Dogg all took to the live stage.

But the ‘dream’ may not be all roses: “Sean and Mark had done the big Spotify launch and headed to The Beverly to party. They spent a lot of money on alcohol, and as the night went on they got into an intense discussion, which turned into a loud argument as they left” a ‘source’ told New York Post.

“Sean argued that all Spotify users should not be forced to sign up for a Facebook account, but Mark wouldn’t budge. It was a full on screaming match outside the club, but stopped short at coming to blows. They then stormed off in different directions.”

However, a rep for Parker denied the claims “they did not have an argument. They have spoken several times since. Sean is looking forward to seeing Mark at a wedding this weekend.”

Or at least he hopes so.