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TravelMate: Acer 14″ LCD Lightweight Notebook $1,599

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The skinny notebook is under 22mm thin and boasts lightening-fast boot up via a Linux based light OS, Acer InstantView, starting up in only 8 seconds flat, but won’t rival the new Ultrabooks supposed 2 sec’s on claim.

The 16:9 aspect ratio screen will also offer clear visuals “down to the latest detail” meaning it’s good for both gaming and work.

But TravelMate 8481 tools like calendar, document and Email do launch “almost immediately”, say Acer, and its FineTouch keyboard means more comfortable typing.

Momory wise, it has standard HDD with up to 320GB of space and a Solid State Drive (mSata) with up to 120GB of capacity, 4GB of advanced DDR3 memory for dramatic increases in data bandwidths and multitasking.

Acer TravelMate 8481 gives featherweight mobility but with “extended” battery life, whose notebooks are notorious for their poor battery life.

However, this is a thing of the past, apparently. TravelMate has 9 hour battery life with an optional 8 cell battery which gives “up to” 3 times longer cycles.

The Acer is also upgradeable with NVIDIA Optimus technology and it’s graphic processor unit will boost graphic performance.

“We’ve found that mobile users are seeking a notebook with a portable form factor that doesn’t hinder their productivity output,” Daniel Goffredo, Notebook Product Specialist Notebook, Acer Australia said.

“The TravelMate 8481 is for those users who are after a high performing notebook that not only increases their business productivity but also offers a battery life that lasts throughout a standard working day.”

Priced at $1599 it is available here right now.