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Revolutionary Lytro Boxy Camera On Sale $399

Lytro, billed by its inventor, Ren Ng , as an “amazing new kind of camera”, allows photographers to focus their pictures after taking them, is to go on sale in the US.

And the nifty 214g device fits in the palm of your hand.

“We’ve proudly started shipping the Lytro camera to our first customers and are putting the future of light field photography in your hands,” Ng, who was born in Malaysia but raised in Australia, confirmed on his blog.

Its boxy design is also revolutionary and is being billed by many industry watchers as the saviour for the ailing camera industry. Mashable calls it “the most social camera ever made.”

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“For a photographer, whether amateur or professional, the Lytro technology means that the headaches of focusing a shot go away,” said Steve Lohr,The New York Times.

Lytro records all of the light falling on its sensor without running it through processes such as colour balancing or sharpening, allowing for instantaneous shots. The “living picture” camera lets you alter the focus of images post production.

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The new camera starts at US$399 for ┬áthe 8GB model which comes in electric blue and graphite and can hold 350 images, and US$750 for the 16GB ‘red hot” model (above) which stores 750 pics.

Later this year US based Lytro will introduce software updates giving it additional features, including 3D viewing of your existing light field shots. No word when it will hit Aussie shores yet.

Even Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed an interest in the Lytro light field camera, meeting with Lytro boss Ren Ng not long before his death.

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