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Facebook Tech Guru Quits

Facebook Tech Guru Quits

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Bret Taylor, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the network to start up his own venture in the coming weeks.

Taylor joined the company  in 2009 after it acquired his social network aggregator FriendFeed and was one of the co-creators of Google Maps, reports Forbes.

Taylor made the announcement Friday.

This is one of the the first major staff departures from the network which began in 2004.

Taylor said he was “sad to be leaving, but I’m excited to be starting a company with my friend Kevin Gibbs.”

It is not clear what the mystery new start-up will be.

The tech guru said he was “very proud of our recent accomplishments in our platform and mobile products, from Open Graph and App Center to Facebook Camera and our iOS integration.

“I’m even more excited for the world to see all the amazing things these teams have coming.”

Facebook’s fortunes have taken a tumble since it made it debut on the stock market last month with initial $38 price falling over 20%, although its share price rose late Friday.

“I’ve learned more than I ever imagined in my time at Facebook,” Taylor said and gave “special thanks” his boss to Mark Zuckerberg.

“You’ve not only been my boss for the past three years, but my mentor and one of my closest friends.”