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Pioneer Shows High End Speakers At CEDIA

Pioneer Shows High End Speakers At CEDIA

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Launched in Japan and in the UK last year, the 8 Series Speaker System consists of a 3-way central speaker, a 2-way bookshelf speaker, and a 4-way floor standing speaker.

‘To create the new Series 8 speakers, we formed an international team of acoustic engineers, uniting Japanese high-skilled technical experts with European artistic sense and sensitivity. This cross-cultural fusion has enabled the designers to rise to the challenge and build a series of elegant loudspeakers that reproduce sound as accurate and natural as possible,’ says the company.

Pioneer says that by mounting the tweeter in the centre of the midrange driver, the sound directivity can be precisely controlled at any frequency. All sound – direct and reflected – will arrive at the listening position with identical timbre. The tweeter diaphragm is fabricated from titanium which results in a cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction.

In addition, the Series 8 models have been designed using its Phase Control technology. Phase Control is the concept of managing the time and phase response of the speakers in order to minimise the effect of additional sound delays usually due to the filtering process of multichannel recordings. By combining Pioneer AV receivers and speakers that support Phase Control, multichannel sound is reproduced faithful to the original source.