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Panasonic Announces Plasma Distributor

Panasonic Announces Plasma Distributor

Panasonic Business Systems, Mark Deere-Jones said, “GBI is well-known in the custom home theatre industry for its expertise in supplying high-end Plasma panels at the premium end of the market, including dedicated private installations such as Home Theatre rooms, as well as commercial production solutions.”

Panasonic’s Premiere TH-65VX100U and TH-50VX100 are Full High Definition Plasma Display Panels available in 65-inch and 50-inch screen sizes.  They offer Full HD 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) resolution and deliver a 60,000:1 contrast ratio, deep blacks, and colour gradation level of 7,160 steps. See our full review here.

Carlo Di Toro, General Sales Manager, GBI, said: “Panasonic has set the new standard in the industry with the engineering of the Premiere Plasma Series.  It offers the stunning picture quality and customisable functions required for professional applications and superior colour control.”

Panasonic will provide customers with free on-site professional calibration of their Plasma with connected devices to ensure optimum performance from their configuration.