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CEDIA Friction Over Pro AV Show

CEDIA executives have said that they offered the organisers of the show, Alchemedia publishers of Audio Technology, Venue, AV, House of Worship and Guerrilla Guide to run the new show alongside the CEDIA expo but they refused.

At one stage, according to Steve Miller, the General Manager of CEDIA, the Integrate organisers, who are holding their show at the Horden Pavilion, in Sydney, offered CEDIA the option of integrating the CEDIA show into the Integrate event.

However this fell apart after CEDIA were told that they would be housed in the nearby Dome which according to Miller was only half the size of CEDIA’s floor space requirements.

Sometime later Integrate organisers tried to get access to CEDIA’s training and education facilities.

Several vendors that ChannelNews spoke to at the show said it was a “major in connivance” to have to attend two shows weeks apart. Among the vendors attending the Integrate show is Hills SVL, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, AMX, Crestron, Syntec,Roland Corporation, Qualifi, Audio Products Australia, Hitachi, Bose and Amber Technology.

Wayne Farren Marketing Director at Syntec said “It’s a real in connivance to have to set up a stand for two shows when the audience is very similar. Cost is becoming an issue for vendors”.


Robert Costello Marketing Director at Canohm “Said “Two shows is a real issue. We have spoken to the organisers about this as there is a real opportunity for both CEDIA and the Integrate organisers to work together in the best interest of vendors and attendees. Interstate visitors don’t want to have to fork out for two shows days apart”.

Miller said” 12 months ago we offered the organisers of Integrate space at Darling Harbour. They refused claiming that we should be joining their show, not the other way round”.

Supporting the Integrate show is Infocomm a similar body to CEDIA whose members are primarily PRO AV installers.

No comment was available from the Integrate organisers.