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Kordz Expands To US Market

The company has appointed industry veteran Michael Schaller as Director of Kordz USA.

Prior to the appointment, Michael Schaller was most recently in charge of world-wide technical compliance and the interoperability work group for HDMI Licensing LLC.

David Meyer, CEO of KORDZ saying that Michael “has been tasked with starting and expanding US operation, building brand awareness, operations and sales.”

“HDMI related products are still a growth industry which we believe will only improve from now on as America officially switches to digital broadcasts from this month. As far as Kordz and HDMI Licensing, LLC, is concerned we have taken a position we believe that sets our company apart.  Kordz understands the Specification and CTS requirements as well as the importance of actually complying with the Spec and CTS,” says Schaller.

“As the former director in charge of compliance at HDMI Licensing, I have seen some pretty bad products – especially cables. For a cable manufacturer, cutting corners on material and quality control and not complying to the Spec and CTS may be a way to increase margins at the expense of the consumer – but by undercutting the requirements set forth by HDMI, these manufacturers are actually hurting the viability of the technology as well as the consumer – the two things that are needed for them to continue and grow their business.”

“At Kordz, we promote compliance and work closely with HDMI even though this may cost us more in the short to medium term. By doing so, however, we can honestly guarantee that our customers will continue to receive the best possible product, and one that is backed by our “immortal” lifetime guarantee. From a pure business perspective, better products, better customer service, and better client retention is a far more superior position to be in than that of making a short term buck,” concluded Schaller.