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Vodafone Loses More Than $128M & Half A Million Customers

Vodafone Loses More Than $128M & Half A Million Customers

SmartHouse noticed something was strange when we stopped getting press releases from the embattled communications Company. After following up with Vodafone PR staff we were told that new PR professionals had recently been appointed at the communications carrier.

When asked why a regular flow of press releases had suddenly dried we were told “We are trying to identify communications and technology journalists, someone took our press contacts database” a struggling member of the new Vodafone communications said.

Sometime later we got an email claiming that Michelle O Brien a former Vodafone Australia PR had taken the Vodafone PR list when she left the Company. The email said “Michelle O’Brien did not leave a media contact email list which is why you have not been receiving our media releases”. 

This raises the question were the lists stolen or was Michelle O Brian a contractor who used her own media lists and took them when she left the Company along with former PR executive Greg Spears.

Either way it raises serious questions about a Company that calls itself a “Communications” Company especially as they also employ a PR Company to advise them on PR matters.

Recently the Australian Financial Review ran a story alleging that newly appointed PR executives at Vodafone Australia plagiarised a Telstra press release.

It reported that there were passages copied verbatim. Vodafone’s new General Manager of Communications Karina Keisler later admitted she used to work at Telstra.

She denied the release was a copy-and-paste job, instead saying it was just a coincidence several lines were identical.

“I had a hand in both media releases it’s true, but two years apart,” she said,

We could not contact Michelle O’Brien to verify how the entire Vodafone press contacts database disappeared.

On Friday  Vodafone admitted that during the past six months more than half a million customers had fled the embattled carrier who is now claiming that their 4G network in Sydney and Melbourne is faster that Telstra’s 4G network. There was no mention of whether their service is better.

“VHA’s total customer base declined 551,000 to 6 million over the first six months to June,” Vodafone said in a statement. “[This was] due to customers coming off contract from 2011 and the removal of inactive SIMs from its customer base.”

The latest figures mean Vodafone has lost more than 1.5 million customers since 2011.