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Dodgy Kogan Has His Spin Doctor Spruik Pure Innocence

Over the weekend Vuki Vujasinovic the owner of PR agency Sling & Stone was back trying to repair his  client Kogan.com’s  shocking reputation as a dodgy online trader.

He even got Nine Media to claim that for Ruslan Kogan all the drama surrounding the Kogan brand is a ‘a mix of excitement, some vindication, and a sprinkling of schadenfreude, as other operators scramble to prepare for a seismic shift he had been prophesying for years’.

Vuki Vujasinovic spin doctor to loudmouth Ruslan Kogan and CEO of Sling & Stone, , what will he do when Kogan is fined millions?

At one stage Sling & Stone’s modius operandi was to try and ban ChannelNews but when this failed Kogan picked up the phone and called me claiming ‘Can we talk”.

Nine Media appear to support the way that Kogan operates or the bullshit that Vujasinovic spins about his dodgy client.

Operating along the lines of I’m paid to plead and plead I shall Vujasinovic told the Financial Review “My PR agency is nearly six years old, but wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for Ruslan Kogan”

He bleated “He put his money where his mouth was and backed me to help get the business off the ground”.

Ruslan Kogan CEO of questionable online trader

He added “Kogan has an incredible ability to cut through difficult and complex situations and immediately get to the core of the issue. This, coupled with his ridiculous attention to detail, can be simultaneously the most challenging and pleasurable aspect of working with him”.

He bleats on ‘There’s dedication to your company, and then there’s Ruslan Kogan.

Some have called him a loudmouth punk. What I’ve been privileged enough to see is incredibly calculated, intentional and effective decision-making behind every single move he and the company have made. Nothing with Ruslan Kogan happens by accident.

What! Like we are running a dodgy promotion today and we have to get publicity for it?

Or “I really need to be made to look like a clean skin, Ruslan Kogan, the honest guy who has always got the best interests of consumers, while shafting them behind their backs”.

Maybe Vujasinovic should attend the Federal Court when Kogan gets sentenced for their latest breach of consumer law. He at least stands a chance of picking up another dodgy client.

On Friday Australia’s competition regulator has won its legal battle against online retailer Kogan who was accused of misleading consumers by raising the prices of its products prior to offering a 10 per cent discount on them.

In a judgment on Friday, Justice Jennifer Davies dismissed Kogan’s defense against the allegations levelled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC took Kogan to court in May last year, accusing the retailer of breaching consumer law and misleading customers by knowingly jacking up the price of hundreds of products days before offering customers a 10 per cent discount code.

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