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Aldi 4.5″ Android ‘Sold Out’..Already?

Image: Aldi Store external display, North Sydney

When CN visited the Aldi store in North Sydney today to see what all the fuss about AldiMobile is about, we found that the $199 4.1″ Bauhn Android phone was already ‘sold out.’

However, since the phones only went on sale today, we’re wondering was it really that much in demand or a case of a lack of supply on Aldi’s part.

However, the supermarket giant confirmed there was limited supply of the mobiles which were on Aldi’s ‘Special Buys’ offers from today.

“The Aldi mobile phones are part of Aldi’s Special Buys and are only available until stocks last whereas Aldimobile plans are available for the long-term,” a spokesperson told SmartHouse.

“Special Buys are until stocks last and ALDI can’t confirm when and if they will have this stock again.”

¬†Although the smartie was ‘sold out’, the cheaper Onix unlocked ‘dumb’ phones were still available in Aldi’s North Sydney store.¬†

The discount store is really pushing their new prepaid mobile plans on Telstra’s 3G network, distributing fliers and the phones and pre paid Sims are displayed in proximity to the tills along with Aldi’s other tech gear – like cheap monitors and Hi-Fi systems.

Ge the lodown on the mobile deals here.

Aldi was not available for comment at the time of writing so it is not clear if the mobile is sold out elsewhere.

The dumb ones are always left behind…
Interestingly, the German giant does not list the phone numbers of its stores online and when we rang NSW head offices, were were told (by an automated response) that Aldi do not give out information on ‘special buy’ items at particular stores, and don’t man the (store) phones as it “wishes to pass on the savings to customers.”

So, they flog phones but don’t have one themselves.