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75% Aussies Say Internet ‘Improves Life’

75% Aussies Say Internet ‘Improves Life’

That’s according to a new survey which says 75% of us think using Google, YouTube, Facebook,  websites and the countless other stuff we now do online, has made our lives considerably better.

And we’re going surfing on mobiles with aplomb, an ACMA report released today shows.

One third of Australians aged 14 + are accessing the internet via their smartphone—a 52 per cent jump on last year.

We are also buying and watching more content online – downloading a whopping 421,147 terabytes of data in period April -June last.

In the month of June alone, we spent 81 hours online, on average, whether it was on a PC, tab, desktop or even Smart TV.

In addition, almost 8 million Aussie consumers also jumped online to shop or perform a related activity during the month.

Australians see themselves as pretty savvy on the internet, with almost two out of three confident they have the skills necessary to do everything via the wonderful web.

Online usage increasing across all age groups, the ACMA report shows.

But there are major downsides to this web usage; a shocking 3.2 million of us had their computers infected with malware and 1.2 million experienced some form of online credit card fraud.

A whopping 625,000 responded to an unsolicited or scam email and provided either personal information or money.

“This demonstrates to consumers the importance of continually updating protective measures in the online environment and remaining vigilant about the risks that accompany the benefits of the digital economy,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

The use of cloud computing for email and social networking is also increasingly significantly, with 71% using cloud-based apps, today’s report also shows.