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Aussies Flocks To Group E-Buys

Aussies Flocks To Group E-Buys

Australian online group buying market is now worth $117 million in Q3 and the industry has stabilised compared to the previous quarters, according to analysts Telsyte.

And it all down to travel deals, whether its a hotel deal in Queensland, a weekend fishing trip or a week in Bali.

In fact, nearly one in three group buying deals were travel related in July-Sept period – up 60% the previous quarter, with Groupon, Our Deal or Spreets offering anything between 50%-80 discounts.

The move to travel group deals has put an end to the past three quarters of decline in the sector, says Telsyte Senior Research Manager Sam Yip.

‘Travel’  is now the largest category of group deals for bargain hungry consumers.

“Consumers are increasingly comfortable paying for higher value deals from group buying sites,” Telsyte Senior Research Manager, Sam Yip.

“The stabilisation of the market has come at a great time – putting the industry in good stead leading into the holiday season,” Yip says.

“Consumers have continued to purchase products and services through group buying sites and the industry is expected to sustain year-on-year growth.”

Telsyte forecasts the group buying industry to exceed $530 million in revenue this year – up 7 per cent over 2011.

“Group buying is here to stay and it is part of the natural evolution of the local eCommerce landscape,” Yip says.

The top nine group buying sites for Q3 were Groupon, Scoopon, LivingSocial, Cudo, Spreets, Deals.com.au, Ourdeal, Ouffer, and GrabOne, generating over 95 per cent of total industry revenue, according to Telsyte research.