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Intel’s First Discrete Graphics Card For Gaming Is Coming Soon

A job listing by Intel reveals that the company’s first discrete graphics card for gaming is imminent.

An employee of the company tweeted the job listing, writing: “Come work with us at Intel! DG2 is right around the corner, it’s about to get exciting.”

The job is as a ‘Senior Game Developer Relations Engineer’ and the job ad explains the prospective employee will “collaborate closely with game developers optimizing their code and enabling the adoption of new technology.”

This technology has been in the works for a while. During an earnings call in October 2020, former Intel CEO Bob Swan said: “Our first discrete GPU DG1 is shipping now and will be in systems for multiple OEMs later in [the fourth quarter].

“We also powered on our next-generation GPU for client DG2. Based on our Xe high-performance gaming architecture, this product will take our discrete graphics capability up the stack into the enthusiast segment.”

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