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Intel To Make Silicon For Qualcomm, AWS

Intel’s new foundry services division will make chips for Qualcomm and data centre infrastructure for Amazon Web Services.

The chipmaking giant announced in its Intel Accelerated livestream that its new contract fabrication service will produce chips for Qualcomm – best known for its Snapdragon mobile processors – using the upcoming Intel 20A technology node, which is slated for a 2024 release.

Cristiano Amon, President and CEO of Qualcomm, said his company is excited about the “breakthrough” technologies promised in Intel 20A.

“We’re also pleased to have another leading-edge foundry partner enabled by IFS that will help the US fabless industry to bring its products to an onshore manufacturing site,” said Amon.

AWS will also make use of Intel Foundry Services for its data centre infrastructure, with Peter DeSantis, Senior VP of AWS Infrastructure and Support, giving the deal a big thumbs up.

“We are encouraged by Intel’s plan to extend its semiconductor manufacturing capacity and capability to serve more customers – and we are pleased to be one of Intel’s early customers leveraging their semiconductor packaging capabilities for our data centre infrastructure,” he said.

Recent rumours suggest Intel is in talks to purchase GlobalFoundries, the former fabrication arm of rival AMD, in an effort to better compete against TSMC’s massive production.

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