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Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake Series Arrives

Intel used CES 2022 to unveil its H-series of 12th Gen Alder Lake chips, which makes sense, given these are the most powerful of the new generation, and therefore the most impressive to showcase.

Today, Intel has revealed the rest of its Alder Lake lineup – the P-series, and U-series, the latter of which comes in 15W and 9W variations.

This adds an impressive 20 separate chips to the latest Alder Lake chip series. The first laptops sporting these chips are set to arrive next month.

The new P-series and U-series chips boast up to 70 percent better multi-thread performance than the previous generation of Alder Lake chips.

Intel is making big claims about these chips, saying they beat Apple’s M1 and M1 Pro, and AMD’s Ryzen R7 5800U, in benchmark tests for everyday tasks.

Third-party testing next month will confirm or refute these claims.

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