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Instagram Testing Separate Messaging App

Instagram has begun testing a messaging app called Direct for its users, a move that could remove messages from the photo sharing app altogether.

The new messaging app is similar to Snapchat where once you open the app it opens to the camera.

A spokesperson for Instagram says, “We want Instagram to be a place for all of your moments, and private sharing with close friends is a big part of that. To make it easier and more fun for people to connect in this way, we are beginning to test Direct – a camera-first app that connects seamlessly back to Instagram.”

According to The Verge, once users download the app, the inbox feature will disappear from the Instagram.

The app is currently available in six countries, no word on whether it will be released globally but if all goes well most likely soon.

Facebook bought Instagram five years ago and since then both apps have become similar in some respects such as both have a ‘my story’ feature and now both their messaging features will be separate to the main app.

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