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Google Go Back To Basics As Android O Enters Beta

Google have officially moved their next major upgrade for the Android mobile OS into beta.

For the time being at least, they’re calling it Android O.

As previously reported, Google have highlighted improvements in battery life and notification as their focus with the new update.

In pursuit of these gains, they’ll be imposing new limitations on what apps can and can’t do while running in the background.

They’ll also be investing in new design concepts: fluid experiences and vitals. The former here refers to a new picture-in-picture mode and new notification dots. The latter will see Android boot faster, load apps quicker and operate in a way that’s more secure than previous releases.

The last version of Android, Nougat, only launched back in August of 2016.

According to the latest data from Android’s Developer dashboard, it now accounts for 7% of all active Android handsets.

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