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Google’s ‘Nougat’ OS Rolls Out For Nexus-Owners

The seventh major iteration of Google’s Android OS for smartphones has been officially launched today.

The biggest improvements here come on the productivity and multitasking front. You can now run two apps at once multi-window mode and reply directly to notifications without opening the relevant app. There’s also a new quick switch function in play. 

There are also a number of improvements being made to things like the battery-life saving Doze feature and enhanced support for gaming tech like Vulkan and DayDream – which promises better smartphone VR.

According to Google’s Android Blog, “Providing more ways to customize your phone to fit your personality is kind of a big deal, and Android has been leading the way since day one (Homescreen widgets, anyone?).”

“With Android Nougat, you’ll have even more ways to make your phone your own.”

Accordingly, support for 76 new emojis is being added.

The update will be rolled to owners of Nexus devices and anyone enrolled in the Android Beta program over the coming weeks.

The first handset to ship with Nougat pre-installed will be LG’s V20.