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BenQ Goes Premium With New Entertainment Monitor

BenQ have introduced an entertainment monitor that will launch its new generation of “Premium Monitors for Optimal Eye Health and Immaculate Colour Reproduction” according to the company.

The 27-inch EW2770QZ premium entertainment LED monitor features a QHD IPS display that incorporates BenQ’s exclusive Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+) for better picture quality and reduced eye strain.

B.I.+ takes advantage of a light sensor that can detect ambient brightness and colour temperature levels throughout the day, and deliver “the most comfortable viewing experience”.

The President of BenQ Corporation, Conway Lee, described the new monitor as “the ultimate next-generation luxury display device”.

“It combines today’s state of the art – high resolution, IPS technology and sRGB colour performance – with tomorrow’s demands for dynamic picture quality and eye health protection,” Lee said.

Along with B.I.+, the EW2770QZ also features flicker-free technology that eliminates the eyestrain and vision damage caused by monitor flicker, as well as low blue light mode filters that can help prevent eye fatigue and irritation.

Eye car doesn’t come at the expense of picture quality though, as the EQ2770QZ also features the ability to adjust brightness, colour hue and saturation based on the content being displayed, ensuring bright scenes aren’t overexposed while dark scenes remain clear and detailed, maintaining “absolute colour accuracy and smooth gradation quality” even when the brightness is dimmed.

The EW2770QZ will be available from BenQ resellers at the end of May for RRP $699.

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