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Google Gaming Logo Revealed

During the set up for Google’s GDC 2019 keynote, savvy Twitter-users were quick to snap the new logo of the tech companies upcoming gaming service.

There’s much anticipation swarming around the announcement as Google ramped up its teasers ahead of the event, claiming to provide “The Future of Gaming.”

The logo appears to be a red “s” likely related in some way to its beta test, Project Stream.

Also revealed in Twitter posts, were empty product boxes with a placard stating “coming soon”, leading to speculation that the rumoured hardware — Yeti console and gaming controller — will be on show.

Many tech companies are vying to become the “Netflix of Gaming” with names like Amazon and Apple. throwing their hats in the ring with the likes of Microsoft, EA Games, PlayStation and Nvidia.

It will be interesting who will claim the title with a successful streaming platform that provides great games, graphics, and low lag.

Although many feel that game streaming is premature, it is likely that these companies will provide streaming as a complement to their consoles and other hardware, until streaming is perfected.

Blu-ray is still hanging on even though Netflix and other streaming services are around after all.

Google’s keynote is slated to begin at 3:00AM AEST on March 20. Expect all to be revealed then.

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