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Patent Reveals Google Gaming Controller

A recently discovered patent reveals the potential new hardware that could be released alongside Google’s upcoming game streaming service, Project Stream.

The patent, discovered by Yanko Design, depicts an internet-connected controller that appears to be independent of a single host device.

In response to the patent, Yanko Design made up a few renders — including the image above.

The controller could receive notifications for chat and invites to play and would allow a relevant app to launch on a relevant device — so users could continue gaming on a tablet if another smart device, like a TV or computer, was in use.

According to the patent, the gamepad could also store account and host device settings (like volume and brightness) in addition to button-mapping and general gamepad settings.

This indicates that Google might not be releasing any kind of console and instead house all necessary data on a server.

The patent was originally filed in 2014, and as patents are usually just indications of the direction of the final product, the actual controller may look significantly different.

Google is scheduled to host an event at Games Developer Conference (GDC) later this month where it is assumed more information regarding its rumoured game streaming service.

Back in February 2018, The Information reported that Google was developing a game streaming service, codenamed “Yeti,” that could stream on Chromecast or a special Google console.

The “Netflix for games” service is believed to be built on the same technology developed for the Project Stream trial.

But Google isn’t the only company vying for game streaming success.

It faces competition from SonyMicrosoftNintendoAmazonEA Games, and potentially  Apple.

The Game Developers Conference is taking place from March 18-22 in San Francisco

Render by Yanko Design

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