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Google Come Out Swinging In Court Against EU Anti-trust Fine

Google, who have been fined 1.49 billion euro ($2.22 billion AUD) by EU anti-trust regulators over warping online search advertising, have challenged the accusation, adamant that they have been served a “quasi criminal fine of very large proportions”.

This is the first of three fines, with a total of 8.25 billion euro ($12.27 billion AUD). The European commission made the decision in 2019, claiming that Google had abused its hold as the top search engine, stopping websites advertising using brokers instead of their own AdSenses platform from 2006 to 2016.

Google, in response to the accusation, have taken the issue to court and will undergo a three-day hearing. Google have stated that the commissions judgement of the company’s supremacy as a search engine, and the accusations that it was favoring its advertising platform were wrong. It also stated that the assessment that the exclusivity and minimum Google ads clauses were abusive.

Google have been caught out by anti-trust commissions in the past, after they paid 2.42 billion euro ($3.6 billion AUD) over the accusation that they were using their own price comparison shopping function to gain an advantage over European rivals.

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