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Apple Makes “Insufficient” Billing Changes, Cops More Fines

Apple continues to rack up fines regarding the payment services for dating apps within its ecosystem.

The Authority for Consumers & Markets in the Netherlands has been fining Apple 5 million euros a week (A$7.44 million) since ruling in December that its payment services breach European and Dutch antitrust laws by not allowing dating apps to use third-party payment systems.

Apple agreed to make changes, but the ACM has deemed these “insufficient.”

“Apple still uses unfair conditions for dating-app providers in the Netherlands,” the Authority for Consumers & Markets said in a statement.

While Apple has made improvements, “these still fall short of meeting European and Dutch rules,” the regulator said.

The regulator and Apple will continue to have discussions regarding the payment systems.

“As the previous order subject to periodic penalty payments failed to deliver the desired outcome, ACM is currently preparing a new order subject to periodic penalty payments,” it said.


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