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Google Adds Digital COVID Card Support To Android

Google has added support for COVID vaccination and test cards to its Passes app, allowing governments and healthcare providers to create their own via the API.

Devices running Android 5 or later, which have Play Protect certification, will be able to access the new digital COVID cards.

For privacy’s sake, the information will be stored on individual Android devices rather than by Google, which will not share it with its own services or third parties; additionally, for added security, the devices will need to have lock screens enabled.

“Once a user stores the digital version of the COVID Card to their device, they will be able to access it via a shortcut on their device home screen, even when they are offline or in areas that have weak internet service,” said Irfan Faizullabhoy on the Google Developers blog.

The new API is rolling out in the US first, with other countries to follow.

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